The False Dragonets are the replacements of the dragonets of destiny.Not too long after the Brightest Night, Nautilus, the leader of the Talons of Peace, decided that it would be best to have a backup plan, in case the real dragonets were unsatisfactory. He included his own son, Squid, who hatched around the correct time (the brightest night). Viper the SandWing, Flame the SkyWing and Ochre the MudWing were donated by their parents.

Squid- Tsunami's replacement

Flame- Glory's replacement

Ochre- Clay's replacement

Fatespeaker- Starflight's replacement

Viper- Sunny's replacement

Personalities Edit

Squid - the SeaWing dragonet tends to act spoiled, and is also rather immature for his age. He is obsessed with treasure, and constantly bullied by the other False Dragonets, which is not helped by the fact he is rather weak. He thinks he should be the best of all five, and never wanted to share with anyone else.

Fatespeaker - the NightWing dragonet is the least spoiled of the five, and has "visions of the future." She often brings up her visions, oblivious to her "friends'" annoyance. She is naive like Sunny, and is very daring and rebellious. She seems to think that the other False Dragonets are her "friends", despite the fact that they all dislike her.

Flame - the SkyWing dragonet is rather violent. He doesn't like the company of the other dragonets, with the possible exception of Viper. He enjoys tormenting the others with her. (However, Viper scratched him with her barb on accident, wounding him severely.) He also has hopes of being an assassin one day.

Viper - the SandWing dragonet is rather like Flame. She is violent, and hates the other dragonets with a passion, with the possible exception of Flame, who she torments her "friends" with. She has a special hate for Fatespeaker, wanting to kill her on several occasions.

Ochre - the MudWing dragonet is always hungry, like Clay is, but way more excessively. Squid describes him as a bully; however, this has yet to be proven true.