Book 5

Sunny is a SandWing and a dragonet of destiny. As she is the last hatched, she is prospected as a little sister to all the rest of the dragonets, although Starflight has crush on her. She claims to say that no one thinks seriously of her, which occasionally gets her annoyed. Unlike any known SandWings, she has bright gold scales instead of pale yellow, moss green (also described as grey-green) eyes instead of gittering black, and her tail ends in a regular point instead of ending with a poisonous barb.

Sunny has Queen Thorn as her mother, and Stonemover as her father.That's why she didn't look like a regular SandWing. During part one of The Brightest Night, Sunny met Smolder (Burn's brother) and liked him even though he was keeping her prisoner but treated Sunny like she was a friend. 

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