Queen Dazzling is a former female queen of the RainWings.


A typical RainWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Description Edit

Queen Dazzling was described as plump, like she 'looked like she had eaten a few too many avocados and papayas in her reign.' Her scales, like all RainWings, have no true color, as they can change to match mood and environment.

Powers Edit

Queen Dazzling, like all RainWings, has the ability to spit a black venom that disfigures a dragon's scales. When this venom comes in contact with a dragon's eyes or blood, it can become lethal, and kill them in minutes. The only cure is venom from a relative to counteract contact with such a painful substance.

Queen Dazzling can also blend into the environment, becoming invisible, using her color-changing scales, which can also reflect her mood.

History Edit

Queen Dazzling, like all other RainWing queens, once took monthly shifts for the RainWing throne. She was known for making everyone pay her tributes, in order for her to grant them what they wanted.

When the NightWings were writing the NightWing's Guide to the Dragons of Pyrrhia, they possibly went to the rainforest while she was queen, and recorded her as queen of the RainWings in the guide, not realizing there were others.

When Glory the RainWing entered the rainforest, she challenged the Queens for the throne in order to rescue their tribe from the NightWings, who were kidnapping them to make scientific tests on their venom. The current queens taking shifts for the throne (Dazzling, Grandeur, Fruit Bat, Magnificent, and Exquisite) accepted the challenge, wanting to keep the throne, and confronted Glory and her team of RainWings in the Royal Challenge at the Arboretum (a RainWing stadium). Dazzling competed against Mangrove in the fruit collecting challenge. Her team had been planning to cheat with a stash of 19 fruits, but her appetite caused her to eat three of them, and Jambu won the round with 17 fruits.

Glory and her team eventually won the Royal Challenge, with Dazzling and her fellow queens being de-throned and the RainWing crown going to Glory.

Appearances Edit

The Hidden Kingdom, chapters 29, 30, 32, 33

A NightWing's Guide to the Dragons of Pyrrhia (outdated version)