Queen Coral was the current queen of the Seawings, living in the Summer Palace or the Seawing Kingdom. She is the mother of Tsunami, who had always dreamt of being welcomed home with warm talons. She is married to the now deceased Gill, who head was snapped off by Tsunami after being confronted in the arena, having been dehydrated by Queen Scarlet. Queen Coral had a lot of eggs in the Royal Hatchery, but one was stolen by Webs (Tsunami's egg) for the prophecy, many others were destroyed, and 2 others survived. The first was Anemone, who as an egg was protected by the queen for many days and nights. It was in this method that her husband, Gill, was captured by the Skywings. The second one, Akulet, was protected by Tsunami in the dead of night.

The creature that was killing off the eggs that Gill left was a statue. It was enchanted by Queen Coral's former daughter, who was secretly an animus and a great sculptor. She challenged Queen Coral for the throne when she finally matured and nearly killed Queen Coral. It was only by accident that Queen Coral stabbed her with a spear, resulting in her death.

Queen Coral has a brother called Shark, who has a daughter who is one of Queen Coral's most devoted servants. Queen Coral writes scrolls, such as ones that describe how good a queen she is and one about the lost dragonet coming home to a feast after many years-actually Tsunami. She is also fond of treasures and is paranoid about something killing her surviving daughters. It is in this reason that her daughters Anemone and Akulet are bound to her and wear pearled necklaces.

Queen Coral's palace was destroyed by Skywings bombing the Palace. Despite being cleverly hidden, a spy, Crocodile of the Mudwings, followed Webs into the prison and managed to infiltrate the Talons Of Peace along the way as well. She holds a heavy grudge against Webs and his son Riptide. Webs betrayed her during the war when he crept into the Royal Hatchery to steal Tsunami's egg for the Talons Of Peace. Riptide was his son and suffered his father's faults. However, Riptide also joined the Talons Of Peace to find out more about his father.

Queen Coral ended up slightly wounded but managed to escape. She is also allied with Queen Blister during the war where everyone chose a side between Burn, the strong one, Blister, the smart one, and Blaze, the vain one with the support of most Sandwings.