Gill is a Seawing or the husband of Queen Coral of the Seawings. When Queen Coral decided to stay beside Anemone's egg for many weeks, he was put in charge of the army and its decisions. This resulted in him getting captured by the Skywings to be put in the arena for fighting. However, Gill did not give up easily and he persuaded all of the prisoners in the fighting arena to refuse to fight. When Queen Coral heard, she and her subjects were very proud of him. Mad, the Skywings locked him up for months without water, making him dehydrated and mentally unstable. He was finally released in a few months, but not before Gill had tried to drink his own blood from the thirst. Gill was put into the battle with his long-lost daughter, Tsunami. Despite this, she did not know who he was, and Gill, being mentally unstable, rushed to kill her.

Tsunami reluctantly held him under her talons, calling out for the audience to let her keep him alive, unwilling to kill another Seawing. The audience disagreed and Tsunami snapped Gill's neck, finishing his waterless fate.